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Black Speaker

Alcamay Records is proud to have released music projects with the immense talent and love of these gifted individuals from around the world, who have joined our dream and made it into a reality with their singing, acting, designing-illustrating, directing-filming, dancing, and consulting.




Adriana Mera
Label Partner

Adriana is an Architect and Entrepreneur but a strategic cornerstone. Her advice is both astute and objective, providing invaluable guidance in crucial decision-making moments. As the inaugural guest on our Encantador series, Adriana's wisdom set a profound tone, exemplifying her pivotal role in shaping our vision. Her expertise continues to be instrumental in navigating our path forward.

Carmen Nagy is a natural artist with a spontaneous talent that few can express.

She is also the owner and chef of the vegan restaurant Thank You Mother!, located in Seville, Spain. Nagy is Valentín's cousin and during the pandemic hit the world, they both united to collaborate on the music video of Vuelve la viuda negra, and the result was simply delicious.

Carmen Nagy
Artist & Entrepreneur
Based in Spain


Michelle Riofrío
Creative Consultant
Based in New York

Michelle Riofrío is a Photographer, Video Director & Published Visual Artists|Multifaceted and detail-oriented professional with passion and extensive experience in digital arts. She has been Valentín's friend for many years and has collaborated with Alcamay Records on several occasions. Michelle directed the Music Video Amárame, the farewell of Diana Mera, and designed-illustrated two single covers and one album cover. Riofrío's art is outstanding, so please check out her website

Quedaste Pendiente Anca Version

Live Drawing and illustration by Michelle Riofrío.

Perreo Acholado

Original illustration and design by Michelle Riofrío

Anca Valeanu Quedaste Pendiente EPK1.jpg

Anca Valeanu
Actor & Producer
Based in Miami

Anca Valeanu is a Director, Producer, Model, and Actress from Romania, based in Miami, Fl, who has appeared in Daddy Yankee and Reik's music videos. Anca is Valentín's friend, and her support in his music career has been instrumental. Together they created the music video for Quedaste Pendiente, which the song had another version, but after Valentín saw the images Valeanu sent him, he decided to make the "Anca Version" where he thanks her in Romanian.

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