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Black Speaker

Veteran producer Margaux "Mago" Morales has taken the stage with her debut single, "Colorblind," now available on every streaming platform around the globe.

Margaux Morales has recently inked a two-year contract with Alcamay Records, solidifying her music's distribution and publishing partnership. This collaboration is a source of immense joy for Alcamay Records, as they proudly recognize Mx. Morales as LGBTQ Royalty, celebrating her immense talent and unique voice in the music industry. This partnership promises to bring forth an exciting journey of creativity and inclusivity, as they join forces to share Mx. Morales' exceptional musical vision with the world.

Known for her behind-the-scenes wizardry, Mx. Morales now steps into the spotlight, weaving elements of Funk, Djent Metal, Electric Blues, and Mexican 'Son' styles into a fresh, uniquely captivating musical journey that pays homage to the great singer/songwriters of the past.

"I'm thrilled to collaborate with Alcamay," says Mx. Morales. "They've guided me through an incredible transition from the 'wizard behind the curtain' to embracing center stage as a formidable artist in my own right."

"Colorblind" Streaming everywhere!

Margaux Morales - Alcamay Records
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